Thursday, April 27, 2017

When principles become another term for idolatry.

When the conservative huffs, "I have my principles, and I won't sacrifice them - even if it elects Hillary! Even if it leads to this church being destroyed!", the expectation is we're supposed to say, "Wow, you're admirable! You're not giving up no matter what is threatened!"

Here's the part that goes unrealized nowadays: a commitment to one's principles is only admirable if the principles are worth the sacrifice. When the principles aren't all that valuable at all, the zealous preservation of them isn't admirable - especially not for a Christian. It's just another form of idolatry.

Watching Christians insist that they will fight Trump to the last because he talked about pussy-grabbing once and also he endorses protectionism and THEY are proud free-traders? They've got principles like Peter Singer does. Fucking rotten ones. The man who tries to make Peter Singer forsake his principles, all else being equal, may well have my admiration.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's Wrong With The Future?

Pardon my absence. I've been off getting in different kinds of trouble, away from this blog - and from some of my old hangouts. Bigger targets, more aggressive aims, work and life. That kind of thing.

But I poked my head back in to see that What's Wrong With the World is having a kind of post-defeat spasm, where they look around and what amounts to the ashes of an intellectual kingdom (in which they had, at best, a tiny fiefdom) and do their best to try and look all noble in spite of it all.

You know the drill. Woe and lament, but yet we persevere! For we are the Purehearted (ecumenical!) Knights of the Lord God, and we shall fight against Evil wherever it lay, and Lo' the Lord shall look upon us with our glorious *sneering* and... blah, blah, blah.

Bullshit, in other words.

But let me zero in on the juiciest bit.

I’m proud to be associated with my W4 co-contributors because they are such men. May their tribe increase, and may we be able to see, ten years further on, how we contributed to its increase.
First, I note the irony of the invocation of 'may your tribe increase', among people whose hallmark is 'regarding those who value their "tribe" to be wicked and evil'.

But more than that...  'increasing your tribe' is the one thing this lot - the entire "respectable, Old Guard conservative" lot - has been utterly incapable of doing... pretty much ever. As Vox Day has pointed out, conservatives conserve nothing in America. The left has stolen, one after the other, their corporations, their churches, and their culture. (Even Archie Comics is converged, for Christ's sake.) The alt-right and Trump right, meanwhile, has stolen their party, their voice, and - with the exception of the ones the SJWs stole - their children.

You can easily identify the sort of people who W4 represents, at any mixed conservative gathering. Just ask: "Who in the audience is post-menopause or can't get an erection without a pill?"

There's their tribe, ladies and gentlemen. Everyone else is going in a different direction. The children of the W4-styled tribe have left, either identifying as pangendered, or sharing dank memes on the internet.

That is where all their enemies have come from - some of the wicked and evil they're warring against know them as "mom" and "dad". Maybe it's painful to cop to, but I assure you... the brand of conservatism these guys are selling, has failed completely. Finally - if suddenly - they've even been robbed of the intellectual legitimacy they used to have, and they are not going to reclaim it. I've urged them to ask why that is the case, but time and experience has told me that THAT is what they'd really die than do.

The good news for the rest of us is - we now have alternatives. We continue to fight, we find new friends, new tactics, and for the first time in a long time there's something new - and good - in the air. Don't worry too much about those clinging to the corpse of Buckley. They'll be fine - coping with losing is one thing they've actually managed to get good at.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Chelsea Clinton - Seriously?

Ask yourself this.

How many pictures of Chelsea Clinton do you think a magazine photographer takes before he realizes that there's no way to make her look less ugly aside from straight up photoshopping?

I know, I know. Cheap shot. Judge her character, not her looks.

But her character's ugly too! Is that really better to point out?

If we lived in a pure meritocracy this girl would be, at best, a dentist assistant. She'd be doing a cleaning and asking when's a good time for your next six month checkup. But as it stands she's already presumed as a serious contender for the presidency of the United States, and that is one of the clearest condemnations of our society that exists aside from abortion. Which she loves.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Deep inside the pro-life laboratory

What if no woman understood a fetus was a person but all men did somehow?
I would not be surprised to learn that, somewhere, there is a pro-life thinktank whose entire mission statement is "Find a way to condemn abortion in a way that exonerates all women but condemns all men."

This is just my experience with pro-lifers over the past couple years. I tend to go my own way with most arguments and ideas about these kinds of things, but the Trump candidacy finally made me tune in to what actual pro-life groups were saying about this - and it's a freaking clownshow.

Not every pro-life organization is guilty of this sort of thing, but here's what I've learned so far:

* Abortion is murder and horrible and we will all be remembered as horrible people by our descendants for this travesty.

* Except women. Women who get abortions are all victims. All of them. Because none of them could possibly understand a fetus is a child, and also they're scared I bet. None of them understand what they're doing. They're pressured into it.

* By men. Men who are evil and wicked and they know better. They're telling women to kill their own children because they're selfish and that's why they want a woman to murder their own child.

* Also the government. The government makes it so hard on women by not making life for all pregnant women as easy as is humanly possible. Women just get pregnant sometimes, of no fault of their own, ever. We all should feel ashamed of ourselves for not helping them, unless we're women, because women can't know any better and already feel bad about this, or they're ignorant.

* Even abortion doctors who are women aren't at fault. They just don't understand. Did you know some pro-life women used to be abortionists? And they were totally ignorant and did nothing wrong. But only the women. The men? Oh God they're monsters and they know exactly what they're doing, but don't tell the abortion doctors they're murderers or hold them in contempt. Unless they're the male ones. But the female ones, treat them courteously and nice and hope they change their minds someday. What a boon for the pro-life cause that would be!

* In short, even though women get abortions, and abortion is treated as a women's rights issue, and it's the one thing feminists love the most, women are never to blame for abortion. But men are. All men. Even pro-life men, because they're not making life comfortable for pregnant women, who were made pregnant by men, who bear the entirety of responsibility either directly or by proxy.

I am not impressed.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Liberal Christian Truth Number 1

Liberal Christians will side with militant left-wing atheists over conservative Christians, every time.

One thing that made New Atheism 'new' was precisely its redrawing of the lines to treat even liberal Christians with scorn, despite them previously being seen as ultimately on the same side as atheists.

One reason my concern for respect for left-wing Christians died was repeatedly seeing this play out, from organizational leaders to the lowliest combox commenters.

This is not a conflict that can be 'dialogued' over. The two sides cannot occupy the same church in peace. More and more, it looks like - more broadly - the two sides cannot occupy the same -nation- in peace.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

What the hell is going on with Ted Cruz?

Between this, his Sanders slaughter and his recent media trolling, I have no idea what the hell is going on. But it's pretty great.

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Gelding of What's Wrong With the World + Other Thoughts

I've been a little busy, so a few comments.

* I see Ed Feser's blog is as great as ever. Just a constant drip of great ideas, explained in ways most people can grasp, and with proper charisma and force behind them. I salute him and all that he does, and I remain intellectually in his debt, likely for the rest of my life.

* What's Wrong With the World, on the other hand, hasn't fared nearly as well. Being frank, they've been gelded, or in the case of their female author, sent to the kitchen. After an entire election of Nevertrump virtue signaling and effective endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the lesser of two evils, they've not only been exposed as dead wrong about a variety of things (SCOTUS nominations included), but they've been reduced to near-silence on political issues across the spectrum. Too proud to admit they were wrong, to say nothing of defeat, all they really have left is taking pot-shots at the alt-right - ineffectively, no less, which is saying something.

I suspect that for them, and for many Christians, if Trump manages to appoint multiple pro-life justices and get Roe v Wade overturned, their first reaction will be to scream in outrage. The very idea that they were wrong is not something they will cop to, or perhaps even contemplate. Ah well.

* Meanwhile, looking over at Dangerous Ideas, my heart aches. Over the years, I've found myself moving in a position from 'Left and Right can put aside their differences in the Church and unite' to 'Actually *some* leftists poison the Church, and we have no common ground to work with'. Little by little, the list expanded. From 'John Shelby Spong sorts' to 'Overt pro-gay Christians cheering at fellow Christians being fined into oblivion by the state' to more to... basically, no one left on the list but Victor Reppert. To glance over and see Victor talking impeachment (and way out of date - that russian conspiracy shit died a while ago in the public mind) just breaks my heart. There are ways to have common ground among disagreeing parties in the Church, but more and more I'm convinced that said 'common ground' doesn't extend across left and right. Ah well.

* Trump, meanwhile, continues to amaze and dazzle, and with luck I'll be dazzled for 8 years. Managed to rather quickly make secessionists and 2nd amendment users out of a number of leftists too - to say nothing of clearly making 'the law of the land' a very optional thing to respect. Keep it up, gents. At this rate, we'll be a United States no more... and I can't say I'd mind a change.

* Last but not least, the transformation of 'Love Trumps Hate' to leftists punching people, rioting, and setting fires when someone so much as tries to give a speech they disagree with, is some grimly amusing shit. That said, it's time to end it - I think defunding any public university with speech codes is a good start. Another good one: when antifas get violent, the police handle them with batons, tasers, and rubber bullets. To the eyes. Also, prison time.

* Bonus Pope Francis commentary: God, save us from this menace. Also, being dead honest: grown men who call the pope 'Papa!' in terms of child-like endearment will never stop coming across to me as the most cringe-inducing faggots. He's not your dad, and you're not his infant, you weirdos.