Friday, January 20, 2017

On the Rise of the God-Emperor

Pardon me. I've been busy.

I did manage to catch a glimpse of the God-Emperor finally claiming the throne that is rightfully his, while the cultists of Chaos wailed and gnashed their teeth, screaming bloody murder as realization collectively dawned on them.

Yes, they lost.

Yes, they really, really lost.

Yes, they lost not just to *him*, but to *them*. Those hated millions - the White and Unashamed, the Unchained Blacks, the Patriotic Hispanics, the Unabashedly Christian. All the filth who were supposed to have been tossed into the dustbin of history, and who they were counting on lording over for another 4-to-8 years.

No, riots wouldn't change a thing. No, protest marches wouldn't change a thing. And no, their rage hasn't revealed any willingness on the part of Trump to pacify them. The man just told a 'civil rights icon' to go fuck himself, and blasphemy - my kind of blasphemy - is on the ascent.

I think the part I'm looking forward to the most is the loss of jobs. And I mean, specifically, among left-leaning federal workers, on would-be political operatives who signed on with NeverTrump, and hopefully very many public university employees, particularly in the diversity bureaucracy.

If this comes to pass, and reality starts to slowly sink in for these assorted leftists who now face unemployment owing to the federal spigot no longer flowing so freely, I'll be there with a simple message.


May they find as much solace in the unemployment office as the right-wing underclass did.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Tired of winning

Pardon my silence. Life is busy, projects abound, and I'm largely distracted elsewhere.

In fact, I haven't been able to pay attention to politics for a year! Can anyone tell me how Jeb Bush did against Hillary?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dear #Nevertrump: We Compromised!

One thing #NeverTrump people don't appreciate about Trump's political success is this: it's actually the result of people taking to heart the advice of the GOPe and (eventually) the #NeverTrump people.

See, the right-wing was told by the GOPe: you guys have to start compromising. You can't win on every platform you want to win on - something's going to have to give. So start compromising, start giving up on this or that issue for the sake of political success.

Which is exactly what Trump's supporters by and large did.

The wrench in the plan was that the expectation was the grassroots right would give up on issues the GOPe wanted them to give up on. Give up on abortion and immigration, and in exchange we'll be able to better advance free trade and foreign wars. The very idea that, given the choice, plenty on the right would gladly sacrifice foreign wars and free trade? That was unthinkable. After all, don't the people revere good ol' George W. Bush?

Didn't they stop to think that maybe a lot of us were *already* compromising by siding with them to begin with? That unlimited free trade and endless foreign wars didn't animate us, but were instead the things we were willing to put up with to achieve our other goals?

This is what compromise looks like, #NeverTrump. Thank you for your winning advice.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Recalled Newsweek "President Hillary" magazine filled with whoppers

Hillary the Human?

Come on, Newsweek. There are lies and then there are lies.

Seriously though, check out the scans of this thing if you can. I love the bit about how Trump's supporters were so desperate to defeat her that they called for the 19th amendment to be repealed.

How sad is it when the mainstream media spends an entire election destroying their own credibility in order to help elect someone who isn't even competent enough to get elected?

As sad as it is funny, I'd say.

Monday, November 14, 2016

What's Wrong With The World eats crow, manages to sneer the whole time

To the surprise of no one, of course.

Sage McLaughlin, which I assume is not a real name (and I refuse to believe otherwise), apparently drew the short straw among staff, so it fell to him to do the crow-munching. Not content with being completely wrong about the outcome of the primaries,  the election, or the control of the house and senate, Sage decided to chart bold new territory and be completely wrong about his analysis of WHY he was wrong.

"Hindsight is 20/20?" Sage snorted. "Screw that. Let's aim for 20/80!"
There was something else, though, something that stood a chance of making the 2016 campaign into a black swan event, though I had dismissed it with scorn from the very start: the craving for attention on the part of Trump’s voters (and, decisively, his potential voters). That craving found indirect reflection in the unbalanced, narcissistic personality of the Republican candidate. Moreover, their acute sense of victimhood made them amenable to any appeal that seemed to be directed at them. It was an appeal that Team Clinton consciously decided it had no need to make, bound as they were by their stubborn conviction that the Obama coalition could be mobilized without Obama’s name on the ballot (something for which none of the last five election cycles has provided any evidence).
What part of the electorate would this be? Who did Clinton ignore, to her detriment? Between her "this is how Hillary is like your abuela" and hot sauce comments, she hit every victim class we're used to hearing about. Well, everyone we'd normally call a victim class, anyway. 

He takes a while to come right out and say who he means - these people who need attention, these people who feel ignored, these *snort* would be victims. But it shouldn't be hard to figure out the object of his contempt in advance.

White people. UGH.

No, not all white people of course. Just, you know - the lower classes. Those who are not college educated and who wouldn't appreciate the bon mots of Sage and company, in part because a bon mot sounds like a shitty, expensive, French candy. Largely non-college-educated white people, the kind who live in communities that the people at What's Wrong With the World think have a moral obligation to die a la Kevin D. Williamson. People who, if they would be so kind, should just die already because their nasty sense of entitlement provokes them to do things like protest illegal (and massive legal) immigration. To think they imagine their wages shouldn't be intentionally deflated, or their communities overrun with people from another culture or the like.

Bastards! And yet, I find myself sympathizing with them.

Of course, I also sympathize with the blacks and hispanics - those who have actually been here legally, who have assimilated - and who also are quite screwed by these influxes, yet whose self-appointed leadership have been able to pacify the dregs with distractions. What can I say - I think American laws should, first and foremost, help Americans and American communities.

WWWtW thinks differently, which leads to a bit of a lesson. While Sage complains with a sneer about how a certain class of the electorate was too whiny - 'white niggers' he may as well call them - the real reason that's a problem is because Sage and company feel awfully ignored over there. Why, they are conservatives. They teach! Their friends write for the glossiest right-wing toilet paper around, National Review. How dare the plebes pick a candidate to represent them to the detriment of those who pray at the most important altar of all - the altar of free market economics and neo-con overseas projects!

And so, Sage - and Lydia, and Tony, and Paul, and all the rest - continue to sneer and forecast doom and gloom for we Trump supporters. Sure, they've fouled up every prediction so far, but - as Malcolm has noted in the comments - they're ready for what's coming. Every failure will be blamed on Trump. Every victory, called an accident, with praise heaped on Trump's accidental cabinet picks. Forget for a moment that Trump has already done one hell of a lot more than previous Loser-in-chief George W. Bush ever accomplished (aside from his SCOTUS picks, the best of which was forced on him by a furious base, aka, the predecessors to Team Trump.) Forget that he slayed the Clinton machine, helped save the GOP's position in the house and senate, and a whole lot more. No, Trump will screw up someday, and they'll finally be there to say 'I told you so'.

No doubt, I say to the folks at WWWtW. You will, no doubt, someday be able to say 'I told you so'.

...But we get to say it first.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cheap Shot at What's Wrong With the World

It's ironic that their most recent post was about the importance of the First Amendment, served literally hours before God rendered 'em speechless.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Tale of Two Crudes

This is an opportunity for a lesson about Christianity.

See, in the past few weeks, I've had a few folks dropping comments on my blog. I don't even know these guys, but apparently my ardent Trump support pissed some people off, so whenever Trump had a scandal (he said a bad word!) or was down in the polls... rarely, but at times, someone would pop up snark at me.

I just spammed 'em at the time. But to them, two sincere responses.

Consciously Christian Crude:

Greetings, hostile person. On this, the day of Trump's victory, I have a message for you.

Look. My support of Trump is because I think he will do some good things. At least, he has a chance at doing so, and he will inspire some people to do some good things as well. Believe it or not, for all my criticisms of black culture and community - I want black people to succeed and thrive. The same for hispanics. And asians. And whites. I want nothing but the best for people, and for the people who disagree with me about what 'the best' always is? I'm actually largely in favor of leaving them alone in a legal sense; I just demand the ability for people in my culture, in my world, to live their lives in their communities as they see best, building a future for their children. I put America First, but not America Only, and I look to Trump to have an attitude similar to that.

So, that snark and lashing out? It's forgiven. Because it's minor, and I think it's born out of a frustration and a lack of understanding of what I am - indeed, what many people like me are, and what we want.

After you really accept these election results, I hope and pray you pause and ask yourself if maybe hostility isn't necessary. We can get along and leave each other alone, and otherwise be united in peace.

Theistic but not-Consciously-Christian Crude:

Greetings, hostile person. On this, the day of Trump's victory, I have a message for you.

How's it feel, choking on your own cock? Ha ha ha.

Hail the God-Emperor!


Decide, with those responses in mind, which you'd prefer, and more than that - whether you should encourage the Christian side or the non-Christian side that exists in people.